"This book is great! So many excellent reminders & awareness tools. Thank you for sharing this with the world."

– Noah Orr, Honolulu, Hawaii


Thought #1

What are you taking in from your environment? Where is your intellectual and emotional time and energy spent? How does it impact your happiness? These are good questions to ask yourself constantly. If you can’t answer these questions immediately, chances are your thoughts are being subtly controlled by other entities.

Thought #2

Violence, sex and other programming in these media are all about sparking your emotions to spark your wallet. Be very careful about what you are tuned into when it comes to the media. Pay close attention to what is being sent to your senses and evaluate it; do not be passive. Turn off the television or radio if you are not watching or listening to something specific. Turn off the volume during commercials. Don’t go to sleep with media being streamed at you. Really listen to the popular music in your ears so you can be aware of what is being said. Tune out what is manipulating you as much as possible.

Thought #3

In a world where “birds of a feather flock together,” we attract to us what we put out to the world. Results may come in ways you would never expect or see directly. You’re kind to the janitor and a year later a stranger helps you when your car breaks down. A direct “tit for tat” rarely happens. Instead, a change in motive or behavior acts on an invisible energy field that then produces an increased probability of responding in a helpful way. Our kindness is like building up a karmic bank account, but we cannot draw from it directly.  Withdrawals are managed by this unseen energy field, which waits for a spark to release the power back into our own lives.


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