"I could not stop reading it. I loved it. It ties in with Eckhart Tolle – A New Earth, which I read almost two years ago after a disastrous work time."

– MR, Dallas, Texas


...the silent spaces between my thoughts...

The fact that we can even talk about thoughts proves there is a part of us that is not our thoughts. Something else is going on in and around us that cannot entirely express itself through our senses or our thinking minds. It is there. It beats my heart and forms my cells and weaves my dreams. It speaks to me in the silent spaces between my thoughts, if I listen. What is that?

– Chapter 1, page 6

...70,000 ...

Most of the time our thoughts, both emotional and rational, are previous thoughts repeated over and over again. Some studies say we have as many as 70,000 thoughts in a day, and 95% of them are the same thoughts we had yesterday. Why? If our thoughts are creating our happiness or unhappiness for the most part, perhaps ...it's worth some time to examine the kinds of thoughts we have.

- Chapter 10, page 32

Are you trying to change something you cannot change?

As soon as you have a negative feeling, immediately observe what you are thinking at the time. What are you struggling against? Are you trying to change something you cannot change?

– From Chapter 13, page 40

Your partner isn’t the same person you met...

When you go through the process of thought observation and management, look carefully for thoughts related to resisting change, especially in people. Your partner isn’t the same person you met. Children morph right before your eyes. That friend who used to support you has changed. Even things that seem permanent crumble over time. This thing we call time plays tricks on our thinking minds.

– Chapter 17, page 50

“It is what it is.”
There’s a popular saying these days: “It is what it is.” There’s a lot of truth to those simple five words. It not only “is what it is.”  It was what it was and it will be what it will be. Everything that has happened in your life was supposed to happen. Why? Because it DID. And everything that is happening in your life right now is supposed to be happening. Why? Because it IS. It’s really that simple. This makes sense logically if you open your mind a bit and see it from a more universal perspective.

– Chapter 18, page 51

...no one can really make you feel a certain way...
Taking responsibility for the way you think and feel is very empowering. It shifts the power from others to you. Technically speaking, no one can really make you feel a certain way about anything.

– Chapter 20, page 56

Defensive thoughts can occupy your precious time...
Isn't it amazing how much precious time and energy people spend defending their points of view? Why? Is the meaning of life a debate team? Is life a court of law? Is everything such a federal case? Defensive thoughts can occupy your precious time, attention and peace of mind.

– Chapter 24, page 62

Don’t worry so much about how things will work.
That divine life force which created us wants to experience itself through us. It doesn’t care how. It just wants us to recognize its divinity and have us live our lives as joyfully as we can. An infinity of events made this moment, and countless others will make the future. Don’t worry so much about how things will work. Most of it is not up to you.

– Chapter 25, page 65

...choose whether to be stressed or not.
What is stress? Do the events of the world cause you to be stressed? No, they do not. You cause stress yourself. Your inability to accept things as they are and your thoughts around that are causing your stress. You can choose whether to be stressed or not.

– Chapter 31, page 80
 ...affecting someone, somewhere, somehow.
Everything we do, say and think about affects everything and everyone else around us. You can't think a thought or take an action without it affecting someone, somewhere, somehow. Every thought you have is transmitted into the universal energy stew, rippling across the fabric of space and time, recorded for eternity.

– Chapter 36, page 90

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