"I am loving the book. I read some every morning before leaving for work. I consider what I've read all day and then go back over it after I get home to see if I missed something."

– SW, Fayetteville, Arkansas


This book is the next revolution in self-help, using the powerful impact of simplicity, combined with spirituality, to help you manage your thoughts. It is a must-read for anyone on a path of personal and spiritual growth.

The principles in this book are a synthesis of ancient wisdom traditions and modern-day self-help techniques, which combine spiritual and practical methods to help you change your thinking process, and improve your life.
Most of us go through our lives without knowing how critically our moment-to-moment thinking impacts our overall happiness and life satisfaction. The simple fact that we create our lives with our thoughts, for the most part, has somehow been pushed to the psychological, spiritual and mystical realms, instead of being integrated into our day-to-day practices.
Because we are not shown how to constantly observe and manage what we are thinking as a critical life skill, we end up with our thoughts on autopilot, creating events in our lives that do not serve us.
Thought Management 101 is all about breaking out of pre-conditioned, culture-driven thinking into regular awareness, observation and management of your thoughts. 

These concepts are not difficult to understand. Yet, most of us are not used to putting a little time, attention and energy into managing our thoughts. This book is a great place to start. It looks at thought management from the layperson’s point of view, making it an excellent supplement to any other self improvement work you may be doing.
Please note that this book is not a substitute for psychological counseling, addiction therapy, or any other work you may be doing. It is a wonderful complement.

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